When do I use DP-28 in Pubg Game?

When do I use DP-28 in Pubg Game?

DP-28 Gun

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Hit Damage 51

Initial Bullet Speed 715 m/s

Body Hit Impact Power 10,000

Zero Range 100 – 1000

Time Between Shots 0.109

Firing Modes Auto

Method Magazine

Duration (Full) 5.5s

Duration (Tactical) 4.5s

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Body Damage (10 meters)

Level 0=51

Level 1=35.60

Level 2=30.60

Level 3=22.90

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Headshot Damage (10 meters)

Unarmed 117.30

Level 1 182.10

Level 2 70.30

Level 3 52.70

Source:- Wikipedia

pubg tips

DP28  is only spawned in erangel map and You can use best pubg tips it in the following ways:

For close range fights:

  • DP28 has high damage than any other automatic gun present in the game and 47 rounds can be too much to fight with two to three enemy alone without worry of reloading or recoil problem. DP28 is so much power that it can win against SMGs and scarl like guns even when the enemy fire first.

King of all ranges:

  • DP28 can handle all the range and sometimes when in good hand can outperform sniper rifles at long range. DP28 is a recoilless gun to fire at an enemy for medium range and enemy will surely be got knocked out.

Bridge Block and Vehicle Burster:

  • This gun got 47 round to fire and with so much accurate aim combined with low recoil can make enemy vehicle fire even when vehicles are running. There is no regret of enemy run away in smoking vehicles because of the lower capacity of the mag of other guns. Very useful for blocking of military base bridges.

Holding position:

  • When your friend knocked down in open then just blind fire at an enemy at a time to time and it will hold enemy there for a long time than any other gun.

Best gun for the last circle:

  • Even you have gorza or M249 then also you can not fire after some range due to recoil and it is hard to switch weapon from sniper when close enemies and far away enemy attacking you.

Some Extra tips

  • DP28: Enough for all purposes and I have found that when dp28 has 30 plus bullets in mag remaining then it takes only 4 seconds to reload. So better reload time to time rather than at one time.
  • pubg tips for dp gun useful when two squads fighting with running cars and vehicles because before you reload the gun, enemies already stop shooting and start reloading and there is a higher chance of winning for you.
  • Prone in the last circle and DP28 got stands to knock every enemy you see and want to get that enemy down. With pruning and crouching the DP28 is unbeatable because of highest accuracy and stability with no recoil. Enjoy deadly combo with DP28.


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