What are the best settings in PUBG Mobile?

What are the best settings to play PUBG Mobile?


To become a Pro player in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile , you need to play a lot of games. The more games you play, the better you get.

Now coming to the point, I personally advise you to follow these Best Setting in pubg mobile and these are my own personal tips.

  1. Aim Trick
  2. Weapon guide
  3. Peek & Fire
  4. 4X sensibility 
  5. Basic setting
  6. Graphic setting
  7. Control
  8. Quick Chat

# AIM Setting:-

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. Read Below Most 5 Aiming Tricks for beginner player.


#Weapon Guide:-

pubg guns

choose here best guns pubg mobile game list for every pubg mobile player. Any player of PUBG has wondered just how many guns are there. Well, at this moment in time PUBG Mobile has 35 different weapons in the game, some of them can be picked up, others are reserved just for supply drops.



#Pick & Fire:-

aiming tips

  1. Learn to peek and fire
  2. The natural progression for a beginner is to peek and fire. Pressing Q and E buttons, players can expose the bare minimum of themselves as they aim at opponents.
  3. The trick is to find cover, aim, tilt and peek, then open fire.
  4. Peeking and firing is the most advanced tip on this list, so try this after you are familiar with aiming in PUBG.

That said, you should have no problem getting started in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode. Play with friends when you can — that little bit of coordination will go a long way. Stay tuned to Pubgfacts for more PUBG Mobile guides and info!

4X sensibility:-

setting on pubg


1. Cross hair color…I use the green one as it is bright and visible most of the time..

2.Peek and fire…It is very useful ..U can peek n shoot from behind of an obstacle ..only the head pops outs while shooting which makes u a hard target for your enemy to hit..

best setting in pubg mobile


1.U change the graphics to higher ends but till if it mobile does not supports it then u will get heavy frame drops…

2.Style…in styles the colorful is much better then others..

best setting in pubg mobile


1.U can change your control configurations as per your convince ..but the default one is also very good..

best setting in pubg mobile


1.The default settings are very good..if u want to change them they are bit complicated..

best setting in pubg mobile


1.U can change the in game messages ..

2.Select the ones which u need ..

3.It’s helpful to alert and interact with your teammates …

4.they help u lot in squad matches..

best setting in pubg mobile

Hope I dint miss any “good gun” (not talking about the guns in dropped crates) if I did do let me know. My apologies for not mentioning SKS or VSS or TOmmy or Vector.

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