Top 5 Reasons Why Pubg is so addictive

5 Reasons Why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (pubg) Is So Addictive


In the last few months, we listen to a lot of about PUBG. There are the trending memes about PUBG in social media. If few of you do not know what is the PUBG then I tell you that it is a video game. PUBG entered the gaming world like a storm and in a few hours, it became the trending game. This game’s main plot is based on lone survivor.  Players fight with each other to get ammunition and supplies. The last man standing wins the game.

pubg addictive

#1 straightforward to be told, onerous To Master

PUBG sounds easy enough. If enjoying solo, begin the plane and head to somewhere obscure and out of the line-of-fire to seek out instrumentation and weapons. That’s the straightforward half, and everybody will do that! but, from there on, the stakes drastically increase. It’s currently time to survive and players have the selection of concealed into the play space, avoiding confrontation, or get into all guns blazing with associate degree aggressive attitude.

Whichever you decide on, the result’s invariably a similar. the strain is great, and moving into the highest ten survivors list feels sorta reward able, particularly if you’ve bagged a number of kills on the means. It’s that increasing problem curve because the match progresses that sort of makes the sport habit-forming. What steps can you are taking otherwise from the last match? that weapons feels right or wrong for you? of these queries get answered with expertise.

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#2 Player Population

The game has a lot of players across the world. That merely means queue times for matchmaking takes very little or no time the least bit. That’s invariably a professional for any FPS or multiplayer game, because it permits you to binge-play round the clock. after all amount doesn’t invariably guarantee a high quality play time. From my expertise, the bulk of players I’ve compete with no matter region, looks to talk a selected language. That poses a drag if you would like to fancy couple or Squad modes, however that’s why you play with friends. rock bottom line is, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is at the highest of the net FPS organic phenomenon at the instant, and as long because it remains there, it suggests that excellent news for players.

#3 Clear Progression

What i prefer concerning PUBG is that despite the fact that I’m terrible at shooting, a coward and usually don’t understand what I’m doing, my time enjoying matches isn’t progressing to waste. You earn BP for enjoying matches and clearly the BP rewards increase if you’re sensible. Finishing within the high ten, winning the match, obtaining additional kills etc square measure all ways that to extend BP. And BP will then be accustomed purchase character customization, crates and additional. the sport positively rewards you for enjoying, however i believe it might use additional of that.

#4 bit by bit up

And because the population is big at the instant, revenues are at associate degree all time high. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has spent a number of that into the sport, by introducing a brand new map, new technical schoollike 3D replays, and that we hope this continues. the sport is during a higher state compared to its alpha or early access builds, that’s obviously. Personally, i prefer that Bluehole square measure up front and bit by bit increasing the standard over time, albeit it’s slow coming back.

Take cheating as an example. PUBG over the previous few months have garnered a name for harboring the very best quantity of cheaters in any FPS game ever. That’s a record. They ban on the average 1,000,000 players per month for cheating, and that’s not sensible. however a minimum of they’re doing one thing concerning it, and there may well be additional anti-cheat measures incoming.

#5 one thing For All Levels

Ultimately, regardless what critics say or don’t say concerning PUBG, in its essence, the sport is improbably fun as a result of the premise is therefore easy. Battle Royale works as a result of it’s somewhat sandbox – every match are going to be practiced in new and alternative ways, with a similar strategy leading to completely different outcomes. That’s what makes it habit-forming, and that’s what makes American state return thereto from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a starter to FPS games or a veteran. PUBG will supply the correct quantity of fun and reward with its battle royale.


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